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What's is AutoLyrix?

 AutoLyrix was designed to download Lyrics, AlbumArt (artwork) and SyncLyric (LRC files) automatically by detecting the song that is playing . 

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View album arts, lyrics, sing your favorite songs, export lyrics, album arts to your iPod, and so much more… 


AutoLyriX by Alex A. dos Santos (NoWayX)

It is an open-source solution to EvilLyrics. Saved lyrics from EvilLyrics can be used by AutoLyrix. 

AutoLyrix is simple: run AutoLyrix and it will find the player running (if the player is supported), get the current song from it and download the lyric and albumart for you. 

AutoLyrix uses Google to search (Lyrics and AlbumArt)...

AutoLyrix has its own library, so you can submit AlbumArt, Lyrics and SyncLyrics so other users can get the right content for whatever they are listening to!

At some point (with your help), AutoLyrix will have a huge library and the responses/searches will be very precise! 

  • All Players - (Windows Media Player - WMPlayer any version!, 1by1, AlbumPlayer, MusicMatch, etc). Check this HOWTO
    PS: This trick works only with MP3 files!

Features :

  1. Download music with filters
  2. Download AlbumArt (artwork)
  3. Full mode
  4. Full mode 100% Transparent(only lyrics)
  5. Transparent Form support(Opacity)
  6. Plug-in Support!
  7. Translate Lyrics (using Google or Babelfish)
  8. Export Lyrics/AlbumArt to iPod (using iTunes)
  9. Export Lyrics/AlbumArt to iTunes Library
  10. Export Lyrics/AlbumArt to MP3 files (no need to have iTunes or other program installed)
  11. Filter editor
  12. Update Lyric/AlbumArt when playing song on iTunes (Preference)
  13. Playlist file lyrics and album art batcher
  14. Tools to Export/Import AutoLyrix Data (AlbumArt/Lyrics)
  15. AutoLyrix AlbumArt Library (submit/report wrong AlbumArt)
  16. A Front-end website to navigate/manage the library
  17. Multi-platform using Mono

    AutoLyrix is a open-source solution. You can help the development or just write new filters to improve the downloads. Filters are very simple to create, they are XML files. (I need some documentation on it, anyone would like to help?) If you plan to use the code or fork the project, please let me know.
    I need help to translate AutoLyrix, a fancier website, documentation, development, etc.

    Future Versions :

    1. Skin support.
    2. Support MacOS with iTunes (I don't have a Mac! Please if you can, help me debug and make the Applescripts work)

    If you have questions, suggestion or you found a bug, please subscribe to our group-list
    here , use our report tool or send us an email